International Comparative Guides | 02 April 2019

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Product Liability: An evolving legal landscape


In a world of driverless cars, electronic devices with speech and facial recognition and household appliances which can be activated remotely from a mobile phone, whether the current (decades old) product liability laws are still fit for purpose is a current hot topic. Of course, longstanding dangers like overheating batteries, excess levels of chemicals and small parts in children’s’ toys still remain a risk, even in this modern world. But new risks and potential hazards are emerging in line with technological developments, and therefore it is not a surprise that the legal framework underpinning product liability has also begun to evolve.

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TMT | 27 September 2017

It is the phone call that all in-house lawyers or chief compliance officers may dread. It might be from your IT team, or from law enforcement, reporting that there has been a security breach and that data has been leaked to the dark web; or it might be from a journalist, telling you that they hold confidential information that has been leaked to them; or it may be directly from a hacker making a ransom demand. In the event of a cyber attack, what should you do? [Continue Reading]