The Netherlands | 01 February 2010

The Netherlands has many different supervisory authorities, including the General Inspection Service, the Health and Safety Inspectorate, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, the Netherlands Consumer Authority, De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch central bank), the Health Care Inspectorate, the Netherlands Competition Authority, and the Inspection Department of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment. [Continue Reading]

The Netherlands | 01 December 2009

Private undertakings that engage in commercial transactions with public authorities located in the EU should be more aware of the risk of unlawful state aid. This is especially true for construction or development companies, as well as real estate funds, when participating in projects with public authorities involving the sale and/or finance of buildings or land. In many of these transactions the risks of state aid are either ignored or overlooked. In general, state aid is forbidden and any unlawful state aid including interest is to be recovered from the recipient undertaking. The recipient undertaking therefore bears the risks of unlawful state aid. Hence the importance for undertakings to determine whether a risk of state aid exists in relation to commercial transactions with public authorities. If so, appropriate steps should be taken to seek compliance with rules on state aid or to notify such aid to the European Commission.

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