Disputes | 15 October 2019

As business has become increasingly global, the selection of an appropriate choice of governing law and jurisdiction to determine disputes arising from commercial contracts is of growing importance. It is an issue which can, and often does, significantly affect the outcome of the legal process. Dillon Eustace’s head of litigation, Kieran Cowhey, and partner John O’Riordan consider what Ireland has to offer to entities in the UK as a legal forum, particularly post-Brexit. [Continue Reading]

White-Collar Crime | 12 December 2017

In recent years the size of the administrative fines imposed by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) in enforcement cases has significantly increased. This article gives an overview of the CBI’s enforcement regime, including the compulsory information gathering-powers that the CBI has at its disposal and the scenarios in which these powers could be used in respect of UK-authorised firms. [Continue Reading]