White-Collar Crime | 12 January 2018

Third-party due diligence systems are receiving renewed interest in Turkey. An increasing number of companies are adopting compliance programs to create an ecosystem of compliance for both antitrust and anticorruption issues. The companies are opting to invest in these systems due to active local authorities, increasing digitalisation, and to have an adequate control on compliance risk management. A successful compliance program creates an ecosystem of control and scrutiny that inspires a company’s corporate culture. It forms notions of compliance and ethics and affects employees’ behaviours. The compliance program itself consists of a number of tools, one of which is third party due diligence. [Continue Reading]

White-Collar Crime | 12 December 2017

Internal investigations can be challenging – they are fast paced, highly sensitive, completely confidential and necessitate strategic choices at every turn. They require a steady hand at the helm, guided by the most accurate and precise information available at the time. Internal investigations combine a number of skills such as crisis management, damage control and remedial procedure implementation. A strong infrastructure, experience and expertise are also beneficial in extracting, processing and reviewing data. In this sense, perfecting internal investigations is perfecting the collection of information and its flow to the company’s decision-maker.

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