Disputes | 15 October 2019

Court judgments and arbitral awards are enforced in Saudi Arabia in accordance with the new Enforcement Law issued by Royal Decree No. M/53, dated 13 Shaban 1433H (corresponding to 3 July 2012) (the Enforcement Law); and the Implementing Regulations for the Enforcement Law issued by Ministerial Resolution No. 9892 dated 17 Rabi Thani 1434H (corresponding to 27 February 2013). The new Enforcement Law should be a welcome development to litigants as it aims to streamline the enforcement process and reduce its cost and duration by minimising the judiciary’s role in it. The Enforcement Law prohibits the enforcement judge from examining the underlying merits of the dispute, which is a significant improvement over the old regime. [Continue Reading]

Global Outlook: Disputes | 02 October 2018

The arbitration landscape has changed significantly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in recent years. In this note, we will explain two important developments that have precipitated this change, namely, a new arbitration law and a Saudi centre for arbitration. [Continue Reading]