Corporate & Commercial | 08 August 2016

There appears to be varying degrees of readiness across the breadth of MAR legislation, which reflects PwC Legal’s experience that only a small proportion of companies are totally prepared due to the uncertainties in the interpretation of MAR and related regulations. Given that some of the seven Implementing Regulations were only published late in June 2016, this is not surprising. However, by focusing on what is known and the guidance on Implementing Regulations that has been published, there are some key steps that GCs can take to help ensure their Companies, Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities (PMDRs) and Insiders are compliant with MAR.
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Technology, Media and Telecoms | 13 May 2016

PwC Legal’s Stewart Room warns that emerging regimes on data protection and cyber security will present new challenges for GCs.

If you’re observing the developing legal environment for cyber security and data protection and just happen to have an interest in star-gazing, you might have an image of a planetary nebula in your mind’s eye, the universal womb and nursery for new planets and stars. [Continue Reading]