Disputes | 15 October 2019

The main methods of resolving commercial disputes in Mexico are: ordinary commercial trial, executive commercial trial, special proceedings, oral commercial trial, bankruptcy proceedings (concurso mercantil), arbitration, and mediation. [Continue Reading]

Global Outlook: Disputes | 02 October 2018

When companies face financial difficulties in Mexico, our legislation provides a formal procedure known as concurso mercantil (insolvency) to restructure its finances and provide legal security to their creditors. This procedure is divided into two phases: i) conciliation and ii) bankruptcy or liquidation. The purpose of the conciliation phase is to achieve the continuation of the company, that is, to allow the company to restructure through an agreement with its creditors; whereas the purpose of the liquidation phase is to sell all the assets to try to pay all the recognised creditors, once the conciliation phase failed. [Continue Reading]