How long does the registration procedure usually take?

Intellectual Property

Singapore Small Flag Singapore

Generally, the registration procedure of plant varieties and trade marks take between six months to a year. The registration procedure of designs can take between four to six months, while the registration procedure of patents can take between two to four years.

France Small Flag France

The length of the registration procedure varies depending on the right at stake.

For patents, registration takes approximately 36 months.

For trademarks, registration procedure takes approximately 6 months, absent of any opposition proceedings.

For design rights, registration procedure takes approximately 4 months.

Portugal Small Flag Portugal

R: It is impossible to say. The time the IP Institute takes to decide, for example, on a trademark application, can vary between 3 months and 3 years… It will depend on different elements, namely, the existence of oppositions.

India Small Flag India

The time for the registration process may be different for different intellectual property rights. For example, for patents the entire registration process may range from 3-4 years from the date of filing the request for examination, while for trademarks, the registration process may take up to 2-3 years.

Greece Small Flag Greece

A smooth application from filing to registration will usually take:

  • Patents: 9 - 14 months.
  • Utility models: 5 - 6 months
  • Registered designs: 5 -6 months
  • Semiconductor topographies: 5 months
  • Trade marks: 4 - 6 months

Japan Small Flag Japan

The average application procedure length in 2014 is as follows:

Patents (including utility model rights)
15.2 months from a request for examination to an issue of rights.

Registered Trademarks
6 months from filing to an issue of rights.

Design rights
7.1 months from filing to an issue of rights.

Mexico Small Flag Mexico


IP right

What is the procedure for registration?


4-5 years

Utility models

2-3 years

Industrial designs

8-12 months

Integrated circuits

2-3 years


IP right

Registration period?


3-6 months.

Trade names


Appellations of Origin

It depends on the complexity of the case but approximately
between 6 and 12 months.

Copyright and other rights

IP right

Registration period?

Reservation of rights

15-30 business days.

Plant varieties:

12-18 months.

China Small Flag China

  • Invention patents: 2-4 years;
  • Utility model patents: 1 year;
  • Design patents: 0.5-1 year;
  • Trademark: 1-1.5 years; and
  • Copyright (if elected): 2-4 months.

United Kingdom Small Flag United Kingdom

The length of the registration procedure varies depending on the right, where the application is made (see question 5) and the nature of the application.

In general, applying for a patent will take 3-4 years in the UKIPO (although it can be considerably quicker than this if fees are paid early and correspondence is responded to promptly or longer if the UKIPO raises objections or questions in respect of the application) or 3-8 years in EPO (and post-grant opposition proceedings may considerably lengthen the duration of EPO proceedings further).

Applying for a registered trade mark will generally take between 2-4 months in the UKIPO or 3-6 months in the EUIPO if the application is unopposed. Applying for a registered design is a relatively short process and can take just a few days or weeks in both the UKIPO and EUIPO since there is no formal examination.

South Africa Small Flag South Africa

About 12-18 months from the South African filing date.

Generally, within 12 months from the South African filing date.

Plant Breeders’ Rights
From one to four years.

Trade Marks
In the event that the application is not provisionally refused or there are no objections by third parties, the registration procedure may be concluded within 24 to 36 months.

UAE Small Flag UAE


Timescale from filing to registration


9-12 months

Patents (UAE national filing)

5 years

Patents (GCC patent filing)

3-5 years

Utility Certificates

3-5 years


3-5 years

Copyright recordal

Less than 2 months

Updated: June 27, 2017