Feature | The Brexit debate

Brexit Roundtable, Lead feature image

The biggest issue facing business for a generation looms on 23 June with the Brexit vote. We assembled a group of GCs to find out how they are managing the unmanageable.

Feature | Diversity


Microsoft deputy GC Mary Snapp and Covington & Burling’s London head of technology Lisa Peet discuss tackling diversity, apart and together.

Feature | Talent management

Claire Chapman, Daily Mail and General Trust

In-house counsel are increasingly united on the benefits of mentoring programmes. Is there substance behind the corporate fad?

Feature | Energy and natural resources overview

Energy Overview - Lead Image

A perfect storm of low oil prices and cost pressure is keeping in-house teams in the energy sector more honest than most in 2016.

Feature | Energy and natural resources focus


Nick Benwell and Tim Harris of Simmons & Simmons say the proposed corporate tax evasion facilitation offence will pose a major new financial crime risk for energy companies .

Legal Briefing | Real Estate |

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Marks and Spencer plc v BNP Paribas Securities Services Trust Company (Jersey) Ltd [2015] is set to be the leading authority on implied terms for some time to come. The Supreme Court confirmed that the more restrictive test of strict necessity remained applicable in all cases. All practitioners must understand the impact of the decision … Continue reading “M&S and implied terms: better not left unsaid…”