Do parties typically engage consultants? What forms are used?


Norway Small Flag Norway

Professional consultants are widely used, especially by the party responsible for the design. Depending of what is needed for the relevant project, it may include architects and special engineers.

Sweden Small Flag Sweden

Yes. Very few employers and contractors have in-house capacity for design work, therefore engaging architects and technical consultants for such work. Project management consultants are also used. There is a standard form for consulting services, ABK 09, which is used for almost all consultancy contracts in the Swedish construction industry. ABK 09 is adapted to the standard forms for construction, AB 04 and ABT 06.

Hong Kong Small Flag Hong Kong

Consultants typically are engaged. As mentioned in the answer to Question 6 above, the composition of the project team is tailored to fit each project. The consultant team usually ranges from a quantity surveyor who is the specialist on measurement and cost, to consultant civil, structural and mechanical engineers who work with the architect on certain specialised areas of the design. The form used to engage the consultants varies depending on the type of consultant engaged and the corresponding scope of work. The contractual relationship with the consultant may also be tailored depending on the method of procurement selected for that project.

United Kingdom Small Flag United Kingdom

The employer often engages an external project manager to manage the project and administer the contract (though sometimes the latter role is taken on by the architect) and a firm of cost consultants (known as “quantity surveyors”) to value the works.

A project will also typically have a design team, likely consisting of an architect, various engineers (e.g. structural, mechanical, electrical, process) and, if relevant, an interior designer. On larger projects, specialist consultants may also feature, with expertise in environmental, geotechnical, IT, or other matters.

The contractor will have people in equivalent roles, though typically in-house.

Standard forms of professional appointment are produced by ACE, RIBA and RICS. However, for major projects, most clients use bespoke appointments.

United States Small Flag United States

Consultants are routinely engaged by parties to a construction project to perform a variety of roles, often in a specialized capacity. Owners typically hire construction managers to provide advice on defining the programmatic requirements for the Project, including coordinating the design, administering the contracts, ensuring proper documentation and inspection of the work being performed. The Owner may retain other consultants including architects, engineers, and cost consultants.

Serbia Small Flag Serbia

Save for bigger construction works, the parties still tend to save money by not engaging consultants.

Updated: April 24, 2018