How long does the registration procedure usually take?

Intellectual Property

Bulgaria Small Flag Bulgaria

Registration of:

  • patents usually takes between approx. 37-40 months and of utility months between approx. 9-12 months;
  • trademarks usually takes approx. 9-10 months and in case of filed opposition – between approx. 21-27 months;
  • geographical indications usually takes between approx. 19-22 months;
  • industrial design usually takes approx. 6-7 months;
  • topology usually takes 6-9 months.

Malaysia Small Flag Malaysia

At least 3 years.

Trade marks:
12 to 18 months

Geographical Indication:
6 to 9 months

Industrial Design:
8 to 12 months

Belgium Small Flag Belgium

Registration of a Belgian national patent is usually obtained within 18 months. The registration of a European patent takes three to five years on average.

Registration of a standard application for a Benelux trademark takes approximately 3 months, absent opposition proceedings. An applicant may also opt for an accelerated procedure, which allows for registration of the trademark within a couple of days. In the event of an accelerated procedure, the assessment on absolute grounds and possible opposition will take place after the registration, which means that the registration may be cancelled on those grounds shortly after the registration.

EU trademark applications are normally published 8 to 11 weeks after payment. Absent opposition proceedings, registration takes place 3 months following the publication of the trademark application.

Registration of a Benelux design right takes approximately 4 months. EU design applications are registered immediately upon examination of the formal requirements, which usually happens at the day of the application.

A plant variety right is usually registered within 2 to 3 years.

Singapore Small Flag Singapore

Generally, the registration procedure of plant varieties and trade marks take between six months to a year. The registration procedure of designs can take between four to six months, while the registration procedure of patents can take between two to four years.

France Small Flag France

The length of the registration procedure varies depending on the right at stake.

For patents, registration takes approximately 36 months.

For trademarks, registration procedure takes approximately 6 months, absent of any opposition proceedings.

For design rights, registration procedure takes approximately 4 months.

Portugal Small Flag Portugal

R: It is impossible to say. The time the IP Institute takes to decide, for example, on a trademark application, can vary between 3 months and 3 years… It will depend on different elements, namely, the existence of oppositions.

India Small Flag India

The time for the registration process may be different for different intellectual property rights. For example, for patents the entire registration process may range from 3-4 years from the date of filing the request for examination, while for trademarks, the registration process may take up to 2-3 years.

Greece Small Flag Greece

A smooth application from filing to registration will usually take:

  • Patents: 9 - 14 months.
  • Utility models: 5 - 6 months
  • Registered designs: 5 -6 months
  • Semiconductor topographies: 5 months
  • Trade marks: 4 - 6 months

Japan Small Flag Japan

The average application procedure length in 2014 is as follows:

Patents (including utility model rights)
15.2 months from a request for examination to an issue of rights.

Registered Trademarks
6 months from filing to an issue of rights.

Design rights
7.1 months from filing to an issue of rights.

Mexico Small Flag Mexico


IP right

What is the procedure for registration?


4-5 years

Utility models

2-3 years

Industrial designs

8-12 months

Integrated circuits

2-3 years


IP right

Registration period?


3-6 months.

Trade names


Appellations of Origin

It depends on the complexity of the case but approximately
between 6 and 12 months.

Copyright and other rights

IP right

Registration period?

Reservation of rights

15-30 business days.

Plant varieties:

12-18 months.

China Small Flag China

  • Invention patents: 2-4 years;
  • Utility model patents: 1 year;
  • Design patents: 0.5-1 year;
  • Trademark: 1-1.5 years; and
  • Copyright (if elected): 2-4 months.

United Kingdom Small Flag United Kingdom

The length of the registration procedure varies depending on the right, where the application is made (see question 5) and the nature of the application.

In general, applying for a patent will take 3-4 years in the UKIPO (although it can be considerably quicker than this if fees are paid early and correspondence is responded to promptly or longer if the UKIPO raises objections or questions in respect of the application) or 3-8 years in EPO (and post-grant opposition proceedings may considerably lengthen the duration of EPO proceedings further).

Applying for a registered trade mark will generally take between 2-4 months in the UKIPO or 3-6 months in the EUIPO if the application is unopposed. Applying for a registered design is a relatively short process and can take just a few days or weeks in both the UKIPO and EUIPO since there is no formal examination.

South Africa Small Flag South Africa

About 12-18 months from the South African filing date.

Generally, within 12 months from the South African filing date.

Plant Breeders’ Rights
From one to four years.

Trade Marks
In the event that the application is not provisionally refused or there are no objections by third parties, the registration procedure may be concluded within 24 to 36 months.

UAE Small Flag UAE


Timescale from filing to registration


9-12 months

Patents (UAE national filing)

5 years

Patents (GCC patent filing)

3-5 years

Utility Certificates

3-5 years


3-5 years

Copyright recordal

Less than 2 months

Philippines Small Flag Philippines

The normal registration usually takes three to four (3 to 4) years for patents, one to one and a half (1 to 1.5) years for utility models and industrial designs, six to eight (6 to 8) months for layouts of integrated circuits, eight to eighteen (8 to 18) months for trademarks, and one to two (1 to 2) months for copyrights.

United States Small Flag United States

(a) Patents

  1. Utility patents: The USPTO reports that the average utility patent application is granted as a patent or abandoned in about 26 months, although longer pendency is not uncommon.
  2. Design patents: The USPTO reports that the average design patent application is granted as a patent or abandoned in about 19 months.
  3. Plant patents: Average plant patent application pendency is difficult to predict because of the relatively few plant patents granted each year (around 1,000), and application pendency can vary considerably.

(b) Trademarks
The USPTO reports that the average trademark application pendency is about 10 months.

(c) Copyrights
Registrations are generally completed in 3 months for applications filed electronically and in 10 months if filed in paper form.

Germany Small Flag Germany

The registration procedure for patents takes 24 to 30 months on average, provided that the examination request has been filed within the initial four months from the filing date and the examination fee has been paid.

The procedure for the registration of utility models is much faster and takes approximately three to four months.

In theory, the registration procedure of trade marks is completed within about seven to eight months. There is the possibility of accelerated processing which is subject to an additional fee. The trade mark will then be registered within six months after filing.

For registered design rights, the registration usually takes two to four weeks after the receipt of the application fee.

Semiconductor topography rights are similar to utility models and also unexamined IP rights, therefore the registration procedure is completed relatively fast as well.

For plant variety rights the registration procedure takes approximately 12 to 24 months.

Switzerland Small Flag Switzerland

In the case of patents, once the application is filed the Institute of Intellectual Property checks whether the formal requirements are met and whether the application fee has been paid. If this is the case, the applicant receives a filing confirmation and the patent application is published (at 18 months after filing. Approximately between three to four five years after the filing of the application, the Institute examines whether the patent can be granted. In this context the Institute examines whether the invention is capable of industrial application but neither the novelty nor inventive steps requirements are examined. Accelerated examination can be requested. If the statutory requirements are met, the patent is issued, registered and published (at

As for designs, because the intellectual property institute only reviews the formal requirements but does not conduct a material review of the design, a design registration can be finalized in a matter of days.

A trademark application is examined generally within either 3-6 months after payment of the application fees or within 10 working days, in the event that the electronic application is clearly compliant with the registration requirements and the list of goods and services only covers those contained in the Intellectual Property Institute's electronic database of accepted goods and services. Also, expedited proceedings with a maximum processing time of one month for the first examination (registration or provisional refusal) and of two months for each further step in the application process are available against payment of an additional fee of CHF400.

The registration procedure for POA and PGI are more complex because the procedure involves an investigation into the representativeness of the group applying for the registration and the product specification that was filed. The duration thus strongly varies from case to case. An inquiry with both the Intellectual Property Office as well as the Federal Office of Agriculture showed the minimum duration is about 2 years.

The registration of a .ch-domain name can be done immediately by purchasing the domain online via a registrar. The registration of a .swiss-domain name usually takes a couple of weeks as it involves an examination of the specific registration requirements (sufficient link to Switzerland).

Ukraine Small Flag Ukraine

Inventions: 2-3 years.

Utility models, semiconductor topographies: up to one year.

Trademarks: approximately 10-14 months.

Industrial designs: approximately 8-10 months.

Copyright: 2 months.

Plant varieties: up to 2-3 years.

Turkey Small Flag Turkey

Registration procedure takes around one year although this duration might vary owing to existence or lack of any objection for the application. Trademark registration procedure takes around 11 months while this duration is around 2 to 5 years for patent registration, around 1 to 1.5 year for utility model registration and around 1 year for design registration.

Sweden Small Flag Sweden

The processing times have been specified below under the assumption that the application is complete when first submitted. Days shall mean business days.

(a) Patent
Between one and two years.

(b) Trademark Rights
Between 10 – 11 weeks.

(c) Trade Name Rights
Four days if registering a new limited company. 10 days for change of Trade Name.

(d) Design Protection
Two months.

(e) Plant Variety Rights
One week.

Spain Small Flag Spain

In standard conditions, from 18 to 24 months. Utility models normally take 8 to 10 months.

Twelve months if the application is not suspended and has no opposition.

Twenty months if the application is suspended or has oppositions.

Three days if the application is not suspended.

Five months if the application is suspended.

From two to four months.

Israel Small Flag Israel

The pendency period for patent applications at the Israeli Patent Office has decreased in the last few years. Currently, the registration procedure lasts about 3-4 years.

There are a few provisions for expediting the examination of a patent application, including: expatiated examination of applications that were filed first in Israel, expediting examination of “green” technology inventions, PPH and GPPH procedures, and Modified Examination relying on corresponding granted patents.

In 2016, the average waiting time for the examination was 3.5 months, with the average duration of the examination also 3.5 months.

Usually the registration process lasts between 18 and 24 months but it can be longer depending on the complexity of the examination and the nature of the objections issued against a trademark application. For national applications, a foreign applicant requires an attorney for the filing, examination and registration of a trademark. When International applications designating Israel are concerned, a foreign applicant requires an attorney only if a response should be filed with the ILPTO directly and could not be handled through WIPO.

Brazil Small Flag Brazil

Usually, the regular procedure takes between 4 and 5 years. However, due to the huge backlog issue, those procedures might take longer than expected.

Overall, patent applications may take up to 13 years to be analysed, depending on the type of patent and the technical area it encompasses.

Trademark Applications procedures take about 3 years if an opposition was not filed against the trademark application. If oppositions are presented, it usually takes 5 years.

Geographical Indications: the procedures usually take about 3 years.

Plant Varieties applications may take between 12 to 24 months.

Industrial Design applications may take between 9 to 14 months to be analysed.

Updated: November 1, 2017