Is there a filing fee? If so, please specify the amount in local currency.

Merger Control (2nd Edition)

Portugal Small Flag Portugal

Payment of the filing fee is required for the notification to be considered effective.
The fees vary according to the aggregate turnover in Portugal of the undertakings concerned as follows:

  • €7,500 for a turnover up to €150 million
  • €15,000 for a turnover between €150 million to €300 million
  • €25,000 for a turnover above €300million

There is an additional fee in the case that Phase II (in-depth investigation) is initiated, corresponding to 50% of the basic fee.

Filing fees double when the PCA initiates ex officio proceedings for failure to notify; or if the PCA concludes that a clearance decision was issued based on false or incorrect information provided by the parties.

Greece Small Flag Greece

The notification forms (either full or short) must be accompanied under penalty of inadmissibility by a fiscal fee amounting to one thousand one hundred (€1,100) Euros.

United Kingdom Small Flag United Kingdom

Subject to some limited exceptions, the notification of any qualifying merger is subject to a filing fee irrespective of whether a second-phase investigation is opened. The CMA will also require payment of a filing fee where it carries out an 'own initiative' investigation into a transaction that has not been notified, unless it concludes that it does not have jurisdiction to review the transaction. Fees vary according to the value of the UK turnover of the acquired enterprise:

  • £40,000, where the UK turnover of the target is £20 million or less;
  • £80,000, if the target's UK turnover is over £20 million but not over £70 million;
  • £120,000, where the UK turnover of the target exceeds £70 million; and
  • £160,000, where the UK turnover of the target exceeds £120 million.

The fee is payable when the CMA (or, if applicable, the Secretary of State) publishes its first-phase decision.

For mergers that are not notified to the CMA (i.e. where the CMA has commenced a review on its own initiative), no fee is payable if the transaction involves the acquisition of a material interest which falls short of a 'controlling interest' (see section 5 above).

Italy Small Flag Italy

As of 2013, there is no filing fee to be paid to the ICA in connection with a merger control filing.

United States Small Flag United States

The acquiring person is responsible for the payment of a filing fee, which varies depending on the value of the transaction, unless the parties agree between themselves to shift or split the fee. The various size-of-transaction monetary thresholds dictate the amount of the filing fee for a particular transaction. As of February 2017, the filing fees are the following:

Size of Transaction

Filing Fee Amount

Greater than US$80.8 million, but less than US$161.5 million


US$161.5 million or greater, but less than US$807.5 million


US$807.5 million or greater


The fee is paid to the FTC and is typically sent via wire transfer.

Germany Small Flag Germany

There is a filing fee. For standard merger proceedings the fee may amount to a maximum of EUR 50.000 (EUR 100.000 under exceptional circumstances) but is usually between EUR 5000 and 15.000. The actual amount depends in particular on the amount of work linked to the review of the transaction, the size of the companies and the importance of the transaction.

Japan Small Flag Japan

There is no filing fee.

Austria Small Flag Austria

The latest amendment also increased the filing fee with the BWB from EUR 1,500.00 to EUR 3,500.00 with immediate effect regardless of the size of the transaction or the turnover of the parties to the concentration. In the notification, the payment has to be proven.

In case proceedings before the Cartel Court are initiated, an additional so-called framework fee (Rahmengebühr) has to be paid; the fee currently amounts to up to EUR 34,000.00.

Canada Small Flag Canada

There is a CAD $50,000 filing fee for notification. Only one fee is payable per transaction; it can be paid by either party or split between them.

Chile Small Flag Chile

The Chilean system does not provide for filing fees.

Cyprus Small Flag Cyprus

Filing fees are fixed by the Law at €1,000. Where a concentration becomes subject to a full investigation (Phase II), the undertakings concerned are bound to pay a fee of €6,000 to the CPC.

Denmark Small Flag Denmark

The filing fee for the simplified procedure is DKK 50,000.

The filing fee for a standard filing is 0.015 % of the parties’ combined turnover but will in no case exceed DKK 1.5 million.

A standard filling will have to be paid if the DCCA require a full-form notification, also if it would otherwise qualify for a simplified procedure.

EU Small Flag EU

No filing fees are required.

France Small Flag France


Malta Small Flag Malta

Notification fee: €163.06.

Norway Small Flag Norway

There is no filing fee under the Norwegian merger control regime.

Romania Small Flag Romania

The filing fee amounts to RON 4,775 (approximately EUR 1,040). If the Competition Council adopts a clearance decision, the notifying party must also pay a clearance fee which may vary between EUR 10,000 and EUR 25,000 in case the decision is adopted in the “phase I procedure” or between EUR 25,001 and EUR 50,000 in case the decision is adopted in the “phase II procedure”.

Serbia Small Flag Serbia

KN: Yes, the applicant is obliged to pay a fee for any decision issued by the Competition Commission in merger control proceedings.

For the issuance of a clearance in summary proceedings, the fee is 0.03% of the total annual income earned by the parties to the concentration in previous year; however, this amount is capped at EUR 25,000.

For the issuance of a merger clearance in inquiry proceedings, the fee is 0.07% of the total annual income of the parties to the concentration, but this amount is capped at EUR 50,000.
If the Competition Commission rejects the notification on procedural grounds, the fee is EUR 500; the fee for a material rejection decision (i.e. the Commission refuses to clear the transaction), is EUR 1,200.

South Africa Small Flag South Africa

Currently, filing fees payable for intermediate mergers are ZAR 100,000 and the filing fees payable for large mergers are ZAR 350,000. As at 1 October 2017, the filing fees payable in respect of intermediate mergers will be ZAR 150,000 and the filing fees payable in respect of large mergers will be ZAR 500,000. There are no filing fees payable for small mergers.

The Act does not stipulate which party is responsible for payment of the fees – this is generally a matter for commercial negotiation between the parties.

Turkey Small Flag Turkey

There is no filing fee required under Turkish merger control regime.

Ukraine Small Flag Ukraine

The filing fee is UAH20,400 (approximately EUR700).

Brazil Small Flag Brazil

The official fees to request approval of economic concentration operation are 85,000.00 Brazilian Reais.

Australia Small Flag Australia

There is no filing fee if filing for informal clearance. The filing fee is A$25,000 if an application is made for formal clearance or authorisation.

Ecuador Small Flag Ecuador

Yes, there is a filing fee. However, this fee is not a fixed one but is calculated on the basis of a percentage of certain parameters. As such, the filing fee is the highest amount of either: a) 0.25% of Income Tax, b) 0.005% of turnover; c) 0.010% of Assets and d) 0.05% of Equity (Assets - Liabilities). Local currency is dollars of the United States of America. (Article 3, Regulation Imposing the Filing Fee).

Updated: April 24, 2018