Is there a process of judicial review for challenging government authority action and decisions?

Bribery & Corruption

India Small Flag India

Government authority and actions are subject to judicial review in India. In case of bribery and corruption (under PCA) the jurisdictional Special Court has the power to entertain appeals against government orders/decisions. Orders passed by the Special Courts can further be assailed before the jurisdictional High Court.

Angola Small Flag Angola

The Angolan Constitution provides for the principle of division of powers and check and balances, meaning that, indeed, Angolan courts may, within certain circumstances, review government authority action and decisions. In particular, in case Government approves a legal act which does not comply with constitutional principles this act may be reviewed by the Angolan Constitutional Court – this is the court with powers to review and, if that is the case, revoke legal acts which are not in accordance with the Angolan Constitution (similar to the Supreme Court in the USA). 1/10 of the members of the Parliament, the State General Attorney, the President and the Angolan Bar Association may file a claim for these purposes (art. 230 of the Angolan Constitution).

Portugal Small Flag Portugal

Yes, the Criminal Procedure Code establishes the means for judicial review of all criminal proceedings.

Updated: April 10, 2018