What are the biggest challenges enforcement agencies/regulators face when investigating and prosecuting cases of bribery and corruption in your jurisdiction?

Bribery & Corruption

India Small Flag India

Recently, the biggest challenge faced by the investigating agencies is when the accused leaves the country and resort to delaying tactics so as to frustrate the purport of the investigation. With enormous delay, securing sufficient evidence becomes a difficult task for the agencies, leading to prolonged proceedings resulting in acquittal of the accused. Another roadblock to effective and speedy justice in India is the large pendency of cases before the Courts.

Angola Small Flag Angola

The hardships related to the access to the relevant information; and the problems in obtaining prompt judicial decisions.

Portugal Small Flag Portugal

We believe that the Portuguese public authorities are, in the present times, fully prepared to conduct thorough investigations related to bribery and corruption. As such, we believe that the biggest challenges are the same as in any other jurisdiction, such as the complexity of the facts and operations carried out by the perpetrators and the difficulties in the gathering of evidence, particularly when the cases involve several jurisdictions.

Updated: April 10, 2018