Which current legal provision/regime creates the greatest impediment to economic development/commerce?

Technology (second edition)

Switzerland Small Flag Switzerland

Legal ownership of digital objects is not established under Swiss law and ownership generally requires an object to be tangible for the owner to be in a position to claim legal title and exercise factual control over such object as property. Digital information is not tangible and can therefore, according to current Swiss law, not be subject to legal ownership. However, "ownership" of digital objects is often allocated in contracts, as between the parties (i.e. with effect for the parties of the respective agreement only), to one of the contracting parties. Similarly, there is as of yet no public faith in the digital records of the assets and of the transfer as registered by means of public ledger technology (blockchain). Acknowledging such public faith will require legislative changes. A working group led by the Federal Department of Finance has been mandated to provide suggestions on recommended further steps, including with respect to appropriate legislative changes. The working group is expected to report to the Federal Council by the end of 2018.

China Small Flag China

No information indicates any specific law or legal provisions in China creates obvious impediment to economic development.

Updated: July 13, 2018