Which of the intellectual property rights described above are registered rights?

Intellectual Property (2nd edition)

Japan Small Flag Japan

Patents, utility model rights, trademark rights and design rights.

UAE Small Flag UAE

Patents, trade marks, utility certificates, designs are all rights which can be registered with the relevant IP Departments within the UAE Ministry of Economy. Copyright and neighbouring rights can be recorded with the Copyright department in the UAE. A Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) patent, a unitary right issued by the GCC Patent Office in Riyadh, also covers the UAE (as well as the remaining GCC Member States, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia).

A Federal law has been passed allowing for the registration of plant varieties and plant breeders rights with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. However, the Implementing Regulations have not been issued, so in practice, it is not yet possible to obtain registrations.

Mexico Small Flag Mexico

All but copyright and related rights.

India Small Flag India

In order to seek protection for patents and designs, the proprietor must compulsorily apply for registration, as it is not possible to enforce these rights unless the same are granted by the Patent Office.

However, the registration for trademarks, copyright, and geographical indications is not mandatory in order to claim ownership. However, it may be necessary in order to claim remedies in the event of infringement.

Updated: June 15, 2018