Absence of a fire safety permit – an unlikely cause derailing Romanian M&A transactions

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A considerable number of buildings in Romania operate without a fire safety permit. While this has been treated in the past as a minor issue, a night club fire in 2015 changed both the approach of the authorities and public perception. Currently, M&A buyers are reluctant to acquire facilities that do not hold a fire …

Winds of change

Uncertainty seems to be the only thing lawyers working in Europe’s aviation sector can count on these days. The recent collapse of two established major European airlines demonstrated the volatility facing many sections of the industry, with UK-headquartered Monarch Airlines and Air Berlin becoming the latest casualties of turbulence. ‘Airlines are no longer seen as …

The justice brand

Alex Novarese, The In-House Lawyer: Will the UK legal system be more or less trusted post Brexit? Andy_Tyler_Photography_Legal_Business_Roundtable_08.02Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, Hinduja Group: As a business, we trust English law and the English courts. Whenever we do business in any part of the world, unless it is in the US, we always go for English law. So …

Big deals

The global M&A market is booming. Bill Mordan, general counsel at FTSE 100 drug-maker Shire, would know. Shire’s board recently recommended a £46bn takeover offer from rival Japanese pharma giant Takeda.

Playing the game

You may not have heard the term ‘gamification’, but the chances are you have experienced a form of it. Perhaps you’re an executive in a FTSE 500 company with a generous bonus triggered when your performance meets certain conditions. You could be a corporate client, flicking through the ranked lawyers in The Legal 500, preparing …

Profile: Richard Price, Anglo American


Shortly before Richard Price went in-house as group general counsel and company secretary at Anglo American, the legal team’s headcount was cut in half. This was not coupled with a reduced workload, however. Expectations remained the same.

Foreign investment in Israel

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Israel has been, and continues to be, a highly desired market for foreigners to invest in. 2017 saw total Israeli exit transactions of approximately $23 billion, including Mobileye for $15.3bn. Though this is down in terms of volume, it is up in terms of value. This is perhaps an indicator that the Israeli market is …

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”

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Perhaps there are no better words than those above of Paulo Coelho, Brazilian author, to describe how to approach Latin America when exploring investment in the region for the first time. There has been a notable shift in traditional international investment to more exotic locations, where new opportunities meet new challenges. The term Latin America …