Dealing with discrimination and harassment in Australian workplaces | People + Culture Strategies

Legal Briefing

In Australia, as in the rest of the world, employers bear onerous legal obligations to ensure that workplace culture does not condone sexual harassment, or indeed any other kind of bullying or vilification. Perhaps unlike other parts of the world, the laws dealing with workplace discrimination and harassment in Australia are particularly complex, not the …

Profit-sharing litigation in Mexico: A challenge to a common corporate structure | Sánchez Devanny

Legal Briefing

Companies starting an operation in Mexico normally analyse variables that will have an impact on their businesses, like an efficient tax structure, the regulatory framework, and certainly, labour and employment matters. A key feature in the Mexican Federal Labour Law (FLL) is the mandatory 10% distribution of the employer’s annual January to December profit among …

Big beasts


Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis still form the dominant players of the legal tech establishment. Can they stay on top amid a changing industry?