Rushad Abadan, Standard Life Aberdeen


Rushad Abadan always knew what he wanted to do with his life. ‘I always fancied the idea of being a lawyer, even at school. I was one of those people who was very clear about their career path early on. Happily for me it worked out.’

Neil Murrin, trainline


The train puns were inevitable, but it took longer than expected. Towards the end of my conversation with the general counsel of online ticket retailer trainline, Neil Murrin, he says: ‘It’s a matter of getting people to join us on that journey.’ And adds: ‘Getting people on the right track and all that.’

Real estate of the union

As Donald Trump once said, ‘real estate is always good’. Nearly $700bn changed hands in the commercial real estate market last year, proving that in times of uncertainty the safe money is on bricks and mortar. Brexit aside, London was seen as the safest bet of all, attracting over $23bn of new investment – $10bn …