What customs procedures are available to stop the import and/or export of infringing goods?

Intellectual Property

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Under the Copyright Act, Geographical Indications Act 2014, and Trade marks Act, the Singapore Customs has powers to search and detain infringing goods. The Singapore Customs may take ex-officio action to detain goods which are (1) imported into or which are to be exported from Singapore, or (2) in transit and these goods are consigned to any person with a commercial or physical presence in Singapore. Where goods are in transit and are not consigned to a local party, the Singapore Customs may examine the goods but has no power to detain these goods even when the customs' examination reveals that they are indeed infringing goods.

The right owners or their licensees (the "objector") may also activate the procedure by giving written notification to the customs authority, providing sufficient information which identifies the infringing goods expected to be imported, time and place of expected importation, etc.

The customs authority may refuse to seize goods unless the objector has deposited with the Director-General a sum of money, or has given security, that is sufficient to reimburse the Government for any liability or expense it is likely to incur as a result of the seizure.

Updated: May 23, 2017