How would you improve the legal framework and process for preventing, investigating and prosecuting cases of bribery and corruption?

Bribery & Corruption

India Small Flag India

Tackling of corruption in India is an uphill battle which requires a wide ranging legislative agenda. Technological advancement in services provided by the government and reducing interface with the authorities as well as middlemen may be one way to curb the menace of corruption. India also has a massive backlog of cases. From a practical perspective, the delay in conduct of trial owing to pendency of cases in Courts acts a major hurdle in effective implementation of anti-corruption laws. The time between initiation and final disposition of a case can at times be up to 20 years which leads to a weak law and order enforcement system, prolonged trials and delayed judgments. Swift implementation of laws coupled with improvement in judicial infrastructure is one the many ways in which deter the spread of corruption in India.

Angola Small Flag Angola

We believe the legal framework is (at least for the time being) adequate to the Angolan circumstances and to the country’s specific feature. We believe the next steps will be of adaptation to the current legal framework and to the new paradigm. Once these first steps are taken, then the time will come for Angola to start thinking on the following ones.

Portugal Small Flag Portugal

We believe that Portuguese legal framework is adequate and sufficient to prevent, investigate and prosecute cases of bribery and corruption.

However, we believe that an example of an amendment that would, in our opinion, improve the anti-bribery and corruption legal framework and particularly contribute to the prevention of bribery and corruption practices is the approval of a legal provision(s) that would clearly state the legal benefits (mitigation or exemption of criminal liability) for a company that creates and implements adequate compliance programs and policies in anti-bribery and corruption matters, similar to the legal framework that exist, in this respect, and for instance, in Spain and Italy.

Updated: April 10, 2018