Is there a filing fee? If so, please specify the amount in local currency.

Merger Control (4th edition)

Austria Small Flag Austria

The latest amendment also increased the filing fee with the BWB from EUR 1,500.00 to EUR 3,500.00 with immediate effect regardless of the size of the transaction or the turnover of the parties to the concentration. In the notification, the payment has to be proven.

In case proceedings before the Cartel Court are initiated, an additional so-called framework fee (Rahmengebühr) has to be paid; the fee currently amounts to up to EUR 34,000.00.

China Small Flag China

No filing fee is charged.

Cyprus Small Flag Cyprus

Filing fees are fixed by the Law at €1,000. Where a concentration becomes subject to a full investigation (phase II), the undertakings concerned are bound to pay a fee of €6,000 to the CPC.

Denmark Small Flag Denmark

The filing fee for the simplified procedure is DKK 50,000.

The filing fee for a standard filing is 0.015 % of the parties’ combined turnover but will in no case exceed DKK 1.5 million.

A standard filling will have to be paid if the DCCA require a full-form notification, also if it would otherwise qualify for a simplified procedure.

Ecuador Small Flag Ecuador

For the notification of economic concentrations, the economic operator providing notification must pay filing fees to the SCPM in a sum equal to the higher outcome of the following: 0.25 per cent of income tax, 0.005 per cent of sales volume, 0.01 per cent of assets, or 0.05 per cent of equity. These sums are calculated taking the economic operators with presence in Ecuador into account. The fee payment voucher must be attached to the notification.

EU Small Flag EU


France Small Flag France

There is no filing fee required.

Germany Small Flag Germany

Yes, there is a filing fee. The amount depends on expense and effort of the FCO. For standard merger proceedings, the fine may amount to a maximum of EUR 50.000 (EUR 100.000 under exceptional circumstances) but is usually between EUR 5000 and 15.000. The actual amount depends in particular on the amount of work linked to the review of the transaction, the size of the companies and the importance of the transaction.

India Small Flag India

The fees for filing a notice for a combination to the CCI is INR 1.5 million (about USD21000) for Form I and INR 5 million (about USD 70000) for Form II. In case of an acquisition, the acquirer must pay the filing fees. In a merger/amalgamation, it is the joint responsibility of all the parties to pay the filing fees.

Ireland Small Flag Ireland

A filing fee of €8,000 applies in respect of each notification made to the CCPC, irrespective of the size of the transaction or of turnover of the notifying parties. The filing fee must be paid electronically at the time of notification. There is no separate filing fee for the notification of a media merger to the Minister of Communications.

Israel Small Flag Israel

At the moment, there is no filing fee for merger notifications, though according to the Israeli Competition Law, the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Finance may set a filing fee.

South Korea Small Flag South Korea

There is no filing fee for the notification or the KFTC’s review.

Mexico Small Flag Mexico

A fee of approximately US$9,712.57 Dollars applies (using an exchange rate of MX$19.00 Pesos per US Dollar).

Norway Small Flag Norway

No filing fee applies.

Philippines Small Flag Philippines

PCC Memorandum Circular No. 16-003 issued in December 2016 provides a two-phased payment scheme: a) PhP250,000.00 upon submission of the notification form, and b) 1% of 1% of the value of the transaction but not less than PhP1,000,000.00 or more than Five Billion Six Hundred Million Pesos (PhP5,600,000.00), once the application proceeds to a Phase 2 review. The Phase 2 review fees are based on the same values considered in determining the Two Billion Two Hundred Million Peso (PhP2,200,000,000.00) threshold for purposes of the compulsory notification requirement.

Portugal Small Flag Portugal

Payment of the filing fee is required for the notification to be considered effective.

The fees vary according to the aggregate turnover in Portugal of the undertakings concerned as follows:

- €7,500 for a turnover up to €150 million
- €15,000 for a turnover between €150 million to €300 million
- €25,000 for a turnover above €300million

There is an additional fee in the event that a Phase II (in-depth) investigation is initiated, corresponding to 50% of the initial fee.

Filing fees double when the PCA initiates ex officio proceedings for failure to notify; or if the PCA concludes that a clearance decision was issued based on false or incorrect information provided by the parties.

Russia Small Flag Russia

The filing fee is RUB 35,000.

Sweden Small Flag Sweden

No, there is no filing fee.

Switzerland Small Flag Switzerland

For the preliminary examination (phase I, initial review), the Secretariat will basically charge a flat-rate fee of 5’000.- Swiss francs instead of a "pro rata temporis" fee.

For the extended review (phase II), the costs are calculated on a "pro rata temporis" basis, with an hourly rate of 100.- to 400.- Swiss francs. The hourly rate depends on the urgency of the case and the function level of the staff involved.

Peru Small Flag Peru

The filling fee is the 0.1% of the concentration operation’s value, up to a limit of 50 UIT (approx. USD 70,000).

In the case of the Bill, the fee will be established after its eventual approval through a Supreme Decree issued by the Government.

Turkey Small Flag Turkey

There is no filing fee required under Turkish merger control regime.

United Kingdom Small Flag United Kingdom

Subject to some limited exceptions, the notification of any qualifying merger is subject to a filing fee irrespective of whether a second-phase investigation is opened. The CMA will also require payment of a filing fee where it carries out an 'own initiative' investigation into a transaction that has not been notified, unless it concludes that it does not have jurisdiction to review the transaction. Fees vary according to the value of the UK turnover of the acquired enterprise:

  • £40,000, where the UK turnover of the target is £20 million or less;
  • £80,000, if the target's UK turnover is over £20 million but not over £70 million;
  • £120,000, where the UK turnover of the target exceeds £70 million; and
  • £160,000, where the UK turnover of the target exceeds £120 million.

The fee is payable when the CMA (or, if applicable, the Secretary of State) publishes its first-phase decision.

For mergers that are not notified to the CMA (i.e. where the CMA has commenced a review on its own initiative), no fee is payable if the transaction involves the acquisition of a material interest which falls short of a 'controlling interest' (see section 5 above).

Ukraine Small Flag Ukraine

The fee for the notification submission is 1200 times the non-taxable minimum personal income, which is currently UAH 20,400 (approximately EUR 680). The fee for submission for AMCU preliminary conclusions (see point 3.2.) amounts to 320 times the non-taxable minimum personal income, which is currently UAH 5,440 (approximately EUR 180).

United States Small Flag United States

Parties that are required to report transactions under the HSR Act must pay a filing fee. The acquiring person is responsible for the payment of a filing fee, which varies depending on the value of the transaction, unless the parties agree between themselves to shift or split the fee. The various size-of-transaction monetary thresholds dictate the amount of the filing fee for a particular transaction. As of April 2019, the filing fees are the following:

Size of Transaction

Filing Fee Amount

Greater than US$90 million, but less than US$180 million


US$180 million or greater, but less than US$899.8 million


US$899.8 million or greater


The fee is paid to the FTC and must be submitted in U.S. currency. The filing fee is typically sent via wire transfer and must be net of any service, transfer, or wiring fees charged by a bank or financial institution.

Italy Small Flag Italy

As of 2013, there is no filing fee to be paid to the ICA in connection with a merger control filing.

Greece Small Flag Greece

The notification form must be accompanied with a filing fee, which currently amounts to EUR one thousand one hundred (€ 1,100). The absence of the filing fee results in the inadmissibility of the notification.

Updated: November 11, 2019