On your toes


Tumultuous is possibly an understatement when describing the past few years, not least the global Covid-19 pandemic proving a major game-changer socially, culturally, economically and politically. Significant shifts in all these categories of life have had profound employment law implications, pushing it ever higher up the corporate agenda.

The harder line


Andrea Coscelli’s leadership of the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has been highly consequential. Since his appointment in 2016, the agency has become one of the most interventionist competition agencies in the world, challenging more than 30 transactions, including transactions that had little nexus to the UK and, in some cases, had been approved by …

New world


‘The current market is very different to what it was like this time last year. There are many more opportunities for investors to be looking at, and that will only become greater as the year develops.’

The pandemic has transformed legal work… to an extent. But the journey must continue

Legal Briefing

I was interviewed last year about how our legal department coped with the pandemic hit. I talked about how we adapted to remote work far better than expected, and the big role that tech played in making it all pretty seamless. That type of story is well told now. But, let’s be honest, there are …