Disregarding legal personality according to Brazilian Insolvency Law | SABZ Advogados

Legal Briefing

Introduction The separation of assets between a company and its related parties is a fundamental principle enshrined in both the Brazilian Civil Code and the Brazilian Insolvency Law (Federal Law No. 11,101/2005). However, according to article 50 of the Brazilian Civil Code, if there is an abuse of legal personality, demonstrated by misusing its purpose …

Weathering the storm: navigating competition challenges in an evolving market


Antitrust enforcement is shifting, with the competition world working under in a shadow of uncertainty. 2023 has brought with it a host of geopolitical challenges including the rising cost of living, the energy crisis and political instability. Against this backdrop, antitrust authorities, armed with greater resources and an increasingly interventionist attitude, have grown increasingly confident …

Under the lens: the rise of senior investigations


Driven by the coalescing forces of greater employee willingness to raise grievances, heightened interest from regulators and the desire of employers and shareholders to maintain company reputations and safe working environments, conduct investigations into senior employees are more common than ever before. Against this backdrop, it is crucial that in-house legal teams are aware of …

Aleksandra Schellenberg, UBS


Aleksandra Schellenberg, UBS’ global head of legal sustainable finance, knew she wanted to be a lawyer from the age of 14, revealing that she made her decision after watching the first episode of American legal comedy drama Ally McBeal, while growing up in Poland in the late 1990s.