New green heroes | DAC Beachcroft

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This is the third time we have run a boardroom priorities survey and the responses are helping build a strong picture of evolving priorities as boards face unprecedented challenges. Thank you to all those who have participated to help create valuable insights.

Climate change: boardroom heroes | DAC Beachcroft

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If, as according to Ian Stewart, chief economist at Deloitte, CFO’s believe that climate transition will re-shape the business environment and more than two-thirds expect significant or wholesale change in their own business as a result of the move to net zero, what do CLOs or general counsel think?

Evolving imperatives | DAC Beachcroft

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DAC Beachcroft’s survey with The In-House Lawyer, published in the Winter 2021 edition, was undertaken to identify boardroom priorities and how the experience of Covid-19 had changed them. Digital transformation took the leading position, with 43% of respondents saying it was the highest priority pre-Covid and 46% in the prevailing ‘Covid chronic’ time. Its importance …

The imagination gap


Rising temperatures and sea levels, shrinking ice sheets and sea ice, extreme weather events. They’re all mainstays of today’s news cycles with a worrying – and growing – frequency.

Climate change – litigation and liability risks for companies, D&Os and insurers on the rise | Clyde & Co

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In retrospect, the year 2019 will likely be seen as a turning point in the combat of climate change. With Friday for Future as pace maker, for the first time in history, there is a globally-aligned political movement including countries on every continent urging for immediate and robust action against climate change. Pressure on legislators …

Knotweed and environmental protection for landowners.

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If Japanese knotweed is growing on land owned by your company, or on adjacent land, it will be sensible to consider the recent Court of Appeal judgment in Network Rail Infrastructure v Williams & Waistell [2018].