M&A and investment in the Indian insurance market – key drivers | Khaitan & Co

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India is the under-insured relative to other more developed economies and the Indian insurance market offers considerable growth opportunities. This has led to significant strategic and private equity investment in this sector in the past. Going forward, the growth story remains, but investment and M&A transactions will also be driven by certain critical regulatory issues …

Insurance items on the board’s agenda for 2021 | Herbert Smith Freehills

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The past 12 months have been unprecedented on many fronts. Insurance is an important asset that can provide protection for organisations in challenging times and now that the proverbial ‘rainy day’ has arrived, in-house lawyers need to work closely with their risk managers and the business to maximise potential recoveries under the range of policies …

Malta as a leading pioneer in the fintech sphere

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As one of the first jurisdictions to have actively encouraged, drafted and enforced regulation in the cryptocurrency sphere, Malta has in recent years, positioned itself as a leader in this sector.

Insurance and insolvency | Herbert Smith Freehills

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The pandemic has plunged many previously healthy businesses into or close to insolvency, with serious implications for both the company itself and its commercial counterparties. In the middle of a crisis, it is easy to overlook insurance. Yet, by taking the right steps, corporates can use insurance to bring much-needed stability and liquidity.

Evolving imperatives | DAC Beachcroft

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DAC Beachcroft’s survey with The In-House Lawyer, published in the Winter 2021 edition, was undertaken to identify boardroom priorities and how the experience of Covid-19 had changed them. Digital transformation took the leading position, with 43% of respondents saying it was the highest priority pre-Covid and 46% in the prevailing ‘Covid chronic’ time. Its importance …

Stricter national security requirements to be imposed on businesses in Sweden | Wesslau Söderqvist Advokatbyrå

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As countries and organisations are coping with increasing threats in cyberspace, the Swedish government is preparing stricter security requirements in the field of national security, in part targeting outsourcing. In this article, Henrik Nilsson and Carl Gleisner of Wesslau Söderqvist Advokatbyrå in Stockholm, Sweden summarise the changes of most concern for business partners of Swedish …

Doing business in Chile | Albagli Zaliasnik

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This guide has been prepared by Albagli Zaliasnik with the objective of providing our domestic and foreign clients – as well as the law firms worldwide that may need assistance for their clients – with a precise tool that summarises the essential aspects for the formation and development of commercial activities in Chile.

The Covid realignment


‘Insurance is in a perfect storm at the moment. After years and years of what we would call a soft market – characterised by overcapacity, with insurers competing on price and breadth of cover, leading to broad policy wordings and cheap product – a series of events, of which Covid is just one example, is …

Insurance contract law in Sweden and practical challenges | Mannheimer Swartling

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Along with general development in society, the Swedish insurance market continuously develops. In recent years, new and more complex insurance products have emerged in order to meet the new demands of the increasingly sophisticated market. In this respect, the Swedish insurance market is greatly influenced and affected by the UK insurance market. New and creative …