The recast Payment Services Directive and its proposed transposition into Greek Law | Rokas

Legal Briefing

Directive 2015/2366/EC, known as the recast Payment Services Directive (PSD2), entered into force on 12.01.2016 and requires Member States to ensure compliance with its provisions by 13.01.2018. According to its Preamble, the PSD2 seeks to achieve alignment with the developments in the market and the emergence of new technologies and types of payment services, to …

The rise of third-party due diligence in Turkey | Esin Attorney Partnership

Legal Briefing

Third-party due diligence systems are receiving renewed interest in Turkey. An increasing number of companies are adopting compliance programs to create an ecosystem of compliance for both antitrust and anticorruption issues. The companies are opting to invest in these systems due to active local authorities, increasing digitalisation, and to have an adequate control on compliance …

Internal investigations and public enforcement: challenges under Italian law | Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton

Legal Briefing

Internal investigations and public enforcement actions pose significant legal challenges for companies. The inherent multidisciplinary nature of the most frequent issues, which requires an in-depth knowledge not only of the laws and regulations of the relevant industry, but also of criminal, corporate, contract, data protection and labour law (often in more than one jurisdiction), increases …

Fresh starts

Look out law schools, there is a disrupter in town. Naturally, that town is Silicon Valley, the home of innovation. And the innovator in question is University of California Berkeley, which includes a leading US law school, renowned for its prowess in technology and IP.

Regulatory investigations by the Central Bank of Ireland | Dillon Eustace

Legal Briefing

In recent years the size of the administrative fines imposed by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) in enforcement cases has significantly increased. This article gives an overview of the CBI’s enforcement regime, including the compulsory information gathering-powers that the CBI has at its disposal and the scenarios in which these powers could be used …

Nowhere to run

A key session of the Commercial Litigation Summit tackled aspects of global investigations from an in-house and external adviser perspective. Clifford Chance partner Judith Seddon began by looking at deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) and self-reporting. She posed the question: ‘How effective are DPAs in changing corporate behaviour? From a corporate-governance perspective, does the failure-to-prevent offence …

The cutting edge

During Apple’s earnings conference call in May, chief executive Tim Cook discussed the company’s long-running and bitter dispute with Qualcomm, a company that manufactures internal components for the iPhone.