The recast Payment Services Directive and its proposed transposition into Greek Law | Rokas

Legal Briefing

Directive 2015/2366/EC, known as the recast Payment Services Directive (PSD2), entered into force on 12.01.2016 and requires Member States to ensure compliance with its provisions by 13.01.2018. According to its Preamble, the PSD2 seeks to achieve alignment with the developments in the market and the emergence of new technologies and types of payment services, to …

A to Z of Arbitration | Gowling WLG

Legal Briefing

A is for award! It is essential to start with the end result in mind; the purpose of any arbitration is to secure an award that you can ratify and enforce against the respondent’s assets. An unenforceable award is worthless and unfortunately in the Gulf you have a greater chance of ending up in this …

The rise of third-party due diligence in Turkey | Esin Attorney Partnership

Legal Briefing

Third-party due diligence systems are receiving renewed interest in Turkey. An increasing number of companies are adopting compliance programs to create an ecosystem of compliance for both antitrust and anticorruption issues. The companies are opting to invest in these systems due to active local authorities, increasing digitalisation, and to have an adequate control on compliance …

The new space race

When President John F Kennedy stood before Rice University on 12 September 1962 and boldly declared that not only would the US be the first country to land on the moon, but they would do it before the end of the decade, he captured the imagination of a generation.

Irresistible forces

Alex Novarese, The In-House Lawyer: Looking at the top of the market, how is buying behaviour changing?

New law and the future for law firms | Eversheds Sutherland

Legal Briefing

David Boyd, partner in Eversheds Sutherland Consulting and previous head of banking for the firm talks about the changes in the legal market and how solutions deemed ‘new law’ are becoming the future in the way legal teams work.

Autumn Budget 2017 update

As expected, in one of the most substantive changes to the taxation of real estate in recent years, the Chancellor has announced the extension of corporation tax to the income of non-UK corporate landlords (NRCLs).

House in order

The Bribery Act 2010 and associated white-collar crime legislation may have caused a headache for the c-suite but in-house teams have much to be thankful for.