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The Court of Appeal clarifies the law on remedies for misrepresentation

The remedies available for misrepresentation depend on whether the misrepresentation was fraudulent, negligent or innocent. If a misrepresentation is fraudulent or negligent, the claimant may claim both rescission and damages under ... Read more

Forfeiting leases: a practical overview

Forfeiture is a means for a landlord to terminate a lease, in the event of some default by the tenant. The right must be conferred expressly: there must be a ‘forfeiture ... Read more

A hostile environment for illegal immigrants: 
the Immigration Bill 2015

Immigration has become one of the largest public policy issues in the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics, net migration reached an all time high of 330,000 in the ... Read more

The winds 
of change to 
our courts are upon us

The latest figures concerning the use of our Scottish court system have been published. While they may appear unremarkable at first glance – in that the number ... Read more

Shale gas: the developing regulatory regime

One of the challenges facing the shale gas industry is grappling with the different regulatory regimes in each jurisdiction. The UK provides an interesting illustration of these ... Read more


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