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Unlocking the hidden value in business processes

Legal departments need more than Excel to manage their spending and exposure. An online e-billing system provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s legal work, as well as facilitating a consistent ... Read more

Licence to assign: some practical tips

Almost all commercial leases prevent the tenant from assigning the lease without obtaining consent from the landlord. Disputes often arise and landlords, in particular, have to act ... Read more

Christopher Rother Interview

Thomson Reuters: Can you tell me a bit about your role and the legal team at Deutsche Bahn (DB)?

Christopher Rother: Yes, the team covers everything related to competition. We have, within ... Read more

This time 
it’s personal

In certain organisations, ‘private client’ legal matters will raise important issues for lawyers and others who make decisions within their organisations, and are tasked with maintaining good governance of the organisation. ... Read more

No winners in a battle of forms

A classic battle of forms has ended in the faintly ignominious conclusion that neither party had done enough to have their standard terms and conditions (Ts&Cs) incorporated into the contracts in ... Read more

Know your supply chain: current issues for chemicals and product stewardship

This article presents an update on some key areas in chemicals regulation and product stewardship. A central theme is the importance of businesses ... Read more


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