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The post-election immigration policy landscape

As the dust settles on the most unpredictable general election in decades, it appears that very little has in fact changed. The immigration policy landscape looks remarkably similar to the way ... Read more

PI Court and broader court reforms

Readers may be aware that changes to court practice proposed under the terms of the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 are beginning to take shape. Although it will take some considerable ... Read more

What level of warranty has been given in ambiguous contracts?

An essential part of any engineering or construction contract will be the contractor’s warranties as to the quality and standard of the works to be performed. Warranties ... Read more

Corporate crime, multiple enforcement actions and the rule of international double jeopardy

For most companies, doing business today more often than not involves some level of international dealing. Globalisation can be great for business. But conducting business internationally can ... Read more

A difficult balance: keeping the lights on

Ensuring the security and quality of electricity supply across the GB transmission system is a huge challenge. The responsibility for this sits with National Grid by virtue of its Transmission Licence ... Read more

Rent free fitting out periods and s34 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954

On initial lettings of commercial property it is standard market practice to allow the tenant an initial fitting out allowance, generally by way of a rent 
free ... Read more


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