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Penalty clauses: no one is immune

All too often parties amending a term of a contract will give insufficient consideration to how the amended term will interact with the remainder of the contract. ... Read more

Carbon capture and storage: next steps for the UK

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has great potential as a means of achieving dramatic reductions in the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by combustion. The real questions about CCS remain over the ... Read more

Compulsory acquisition of land for in‑house lawyers

This article outlines the law and procedure for the compulsory acquisition of land. It also gives some practical tips for in-house ... Read more

When diamonds aren’t forever… mishandling termination 
of contracts

Terminating a commercial contract can be fraught with pitfalls and too often a decision is taken to terminate without a full appreciation of the legal and financial ... Read more

Business, work or pleasure? The immigration requirements for global corporate entertainment, incenti

For many companies enjoying a 
global presence, there is often a need 
to bring together key staff, agents, 
clients and suppliers in one designated global location at a specific time and ... Read more

Current crisis in US illegal immigration

Violence in central america drives child migrants to the US border. Child migrants fleeing to the United States has led to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The vast majority of these migrants ... Read more


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