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Minimum energy efficiency standard for commercial buildings: issues for landlords 
and tenants

The government is expected to 
produce draft regulations to introduce a new minimum energy efficiency 
standard for non-domestic and 
domestic rented ... Read more

Fraudulent misrepresentation: ‘positive evidence’ needed to rebut presumption of inducement

The High Court’s decision in Richard Edwards v Jahit Ahmet Ashik [2014] has provided useful guidance on what is required to rebut the presumption that fraudulent pre-contractual representations ... Read more

Scottish contracts: 
key pointers for in-house counsel

In Scotland, we have had the benefit, and in some cases experienced the challenges, of more than a decade of market globalisation. On the whole this has been a very positive ... Read more

Beware the long reach of fiduciary obligations

Most people in the commercial world, even if not lawyers, are aware of what a contract is and may even have heard of a duty of care. ... Read more

Apcoa’s cross-border, contested, Schemes of Arrangement sanctioned by the English 
High Court

In April 2014, the pan-European car park operator, Apcoa, obtained the sanction of the High Court in England to a set of schemes of Arrangement under Part 26 of the Companies ... Read more

The Counter Terrorism and Security Bill

It is with a melancholy heart that the following observation is made: terrorism is more than ever still a very real threat. Immigration policy remains high on ... Read more


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Ten notable Scottish 
cases of 2014

In 2014, Scotland’s civil courts played host to a number of significant cases which underline the importance of obtaining specialist advice on Scottish legal matters. Brodies’ litigation partner, Joyce Cullen, and solicitor Fiona Chute have selected ten notable Scottish cases which not only highlight the different approaches taken by Scottish courts, but the substantive differences between Scots law and the law in England and Wales. These case highlights include: a decision on prescription which reverses decades of Scottish legal thinking; an employment case on calculation of holiday pay applying EU law; and important guidance from the court on procedural issues and statutory interpretation. ...

Read more

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