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The changing role of the GC

Economic and regulatory changes, developments in the legal market, the increasing volume and complexity of workload for legal teams and the advent of technology are changing how general counsel work, how ... Read more

The Court of Appeal lifts stay on liquidators’ claim to recover shares in Saad Group insolvency

A recent Court of Appeal decision has examined the complex issues relating to the law applicable to the cross-border trusts in the context of the winding up of a substantial Middle ... Read more

Mitigation: cynical defendants beware

An innocent party seeking to claim damages for breach of contract must take reasonable steps to mitigate its losses. This is a well-established principle of English law ... Read more

Fair Consideration Framework: 
one year on

In late 2013, the Singapore Government announced that the introduction of the 
Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) would 
be made mandatory on all employers of foreign nationals in Singapore with effect from ... Read more

Should GCs be appointing more off-panel specialists?

General Counsel are very aware when instructing external counsel to handle disputes work that they are likely to be held accountable for their selection both in terms of outcome and expenditure. ... Read more

Developments in waste crime enforcement: what next for offenders, waste operators and landlords?

The consequences of small and 
large-scale waste crime reach far beyond the unpopular effects on local amenity. Indeed, rogue operators undercut legitimate waste businesses and expose landlords ... Read more


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