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Positioning the legal function 
at the heart of the business

The UK’s corporate legal profession has doubled in size in the past 15 years and one in four solicitors now works in-house. Lawyers, therefore, have more influence over corporate decision making ... Read more

Contractual discretion: how should it be exercised?

Contractual terms granting discretion for a party to determine unilaterally the outcome of a matter in prescribed circumstances are not an uncommon feature in commercial contracts. In fact, such clauses can ... Read more

Revisiting the Immigration Act 2014: a focus on NHS charges for temporary migrants

The UK is in the midst of implementing a series of immigration measures made law by the Immigration Act 2014 (the Act). The latest of these is ... Read more

Developments in Company Voluntary Arrangements

For some years, a pre-packaged administration sale (pre-pack) was the preferred option for distressed High-Street chains when the directors were considering restructuring options. However, recently, there has been an upswing in ... Read more

Commercial property Scotland: 
an update

The pace of the change in the commercial property market in Scotland has been rapid of late. Within five months of each other, a new land registration system and a new ... Read more

The 2015 election and its environmental and energy implications: change or continuity?

With environmental considerations playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives, it is perhaps surprising that, aside from the Green Party agenda, the sphere of environmental and energy policy took ... Read more


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