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Delivery of housing land: the Scottish perspective

‘Housing crisis’ is a frequent headline. That may be hyperbole, but the need for housing is an important issue for business: many work in the housing market; all have employees with ... Read more

Reducing net migration…the impossible dream

The United Kingdom has become one of the best places to live and work on the planet. This leads to a major source of population growth in ... Read more

The (other) benefits of 
third-party funding for 
in-house counsel

The involvement of Third-Party 
funders (Funders) has – in recent times – become reasonably common in large commercial litigation in England and arbitration claims, both bilateral investment treaty and commercial, in ... Read more

Conduct or contract?

In our March article, we looked at the decision in Raymond Bieber & ors v Teathers Ltd [2014], where an e-mail in response to an offer simply ... Read more

All change in green energy: results of the first Contracts for Difference auction

The government has recently announced the winners of the first auction for its non-fossil fuel Contracts for Difference (CfDs). These CfDs will ultimately replace the main existing subsidy support for renewable ... Read more

Smarter legal budgeting

Budgeting is a critical concern for in-house lawyers, in terms of litigation and day-to-day legal work. While the Jackson reforms have forced parties to litigation to consider the costs element of ... Read more


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