Applying the brakes


Two ear-piercing siren blasts ring out across the Canary Wharf HQ of fintech unicorn Revolut. ‘May I have your attention please! Fire has been reported in the building! Please listen for further instructions.’

Corporate governance and compliance: two sides of the same coin | Machado Associados

Legal Briefing

In the last five years, some Brazilian companies became well known internationally due to their involvement in some of the world’s largest corruption schemes. As contradictory as it may seem, some of the companies involved in these scandals were highly regarded for their compliance rules and/or were listed in the Novo Mercado segment (which means …

Too much of a good thing?

Legal Briefing

Nearly $1bn was invested in legal technology and New Law disruptors in 2018. That was across more than 50 funding rounds and included start-ups through to more established players, according to research from Investec. Venture capital, private equity, non-legal companies and trade buyers are increasingly interested in what they see as a highly lucrative legal …

Corporate governance in Indonesia | SSEK Legal Consultants

Legal Briefing

Corporate governance is slowly but surely being implemented in Indonesia. The typical form of corporate/business organisation in Indonesia is a limited liability company, but other forms are available, including co-operatives, representative offices and partnerships. But since the limited liability company is by far the most common form of corporate organisation, in principle, corporate governance is …

All speak the same language | Stewarts

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As its commercial disputes practice celebrates ten years, Alex Wade talks to Clive Zietman and Philippa Charles of Stewarts about litigation as a passion as well as a vocation What have been your personal highlights in ten years of the commercial disputes practice at Stewarts?  Clive Zietman (CZ), partner and head of commercial litigation: We’ve …

Challenges and changes in corporate governance within China | Horizons Corporate Advisory

Legal Briefing

After 40 years of economic reforms and intense development in China, the economic landscape has matured. Foreign investment legislation in China sits on the cusp of a new era, in which reforms will pave the way for significant improvement, including corporate governance in foreign entities. Although, today foreign companies in China still face challenges in …

The future of mediation in Scottish civil justice | Brodies

Legal Briefing

Over the past year, the appetite to make changes to the Scottish civil justice system has increased, particularly in the case of mediation. Although at an early stage, there are various legislative reforms being proposed that give mediation a more prominent position in all civil litigation matters. But what exactly are these proposed changes, and …

Corporate governance in Russia: the two-key principle and director liability | Infralex

Legal Briefing

Two-key principle The opportunity to appoint two or more directors in a company, who exercise their authority jointly or severally, has been available in many foreign jurisdictions for a long time. However, until 2014 Russian law stuck to the approach that only one person may hold the position of CEO and be indicated as CEO …