Brexit Update | Magrath Sheldrick LLP

Legal Briefing

The recent Government policy document leaked and published by The Guardian newspaper has given an indication of the post-Brexit immigration strategy. Despite not representing formal policy, given its unofficial status and the fact that the Government has yet to hear views from numerous stakeholders including the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), current Government thinking is represented …

They think it’s all over | Stephenson Harwood

Legal Briefing

Rights holders continue to have an ongoing battle against technological developments that facilitate free access to their content. The battles have taken many forms over the years since the creation of the printing press, recording TV and radio to VHS and cassettes respectively all the way through to the music industry’s fight against Napster.

GC 2.0

Do you know your cash-burn phase from your TLDNR? Welcome to the buccaneering, hierarchy-lite world of the fast-growth, tech-driven ‘disruptors’, the kind of business that a growing number of lawyers aspire to work in or advise.

Edging closer to a UK draft Data Protection bill for GDPR implementation | Eversheds Sutherland

Legal Briefing

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has just published a ‘Statement of Intent’ on the Data Protection Bill. For those hoping to see the draft bill itself, sadly we will have to wait. It is not the draft bill, but simply a statement of what it plans to do to keep in line …

Education, education, education

Speaking at the Westminster Legal Policy Forum recently, renowned industry futurologist Richard Susskind accused the UK’s law schools of being stuck in the 1970s, preparing graduates to undertake work that will become increasingly uncommon while failing to train aspiring solicitors in the new technologies that will replace much of the work lawyers now do.

Over to you: assessing your training need in the age of ‘continuing competence’

In October 2017, solicitors will make their first declaration that they have ‘reflected on and addressed any identified learning and development needs’. Continuing professional development (CPD) is the latest aspect of solicitors’ lives to convert to an outcomes-focused approach, under the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)’s continuing competence regime.