Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Four?

‘It has happened to me where you serve a client, have a great book of business, and then Ernst & Young [EY] is lucky enough to win the audit work for that client,’ says EY global legal head Cornelius Grossmann, reflecting on the vagaries and rewards of providing legal services in a Big Four giant.

Regulation of e-payments in the UAE as businesses cash-in on cash-less solutions | Hadef & Partners

Legal Briefing

In recent times, we have seen the introduction of the concept of ‘cashless’ ways to pay for goods and services, offering more convenience and security benefits than traditional payment methods. There are e-wallets, retail-based digital reward exchanges, there is direct carrier billing, and there is even the ability to pre-load cash onto mobiles, wristbands and …

Get in the ring

Is the general counsel the ringmaster managing risk effectively within their organisation, or a stage prompt waiting in the wings? These were the main discussion points of a recent panel debate before an audience of more than 40 senior in-house lawyers gathered together at Eight Members Club in Moorgate.

How to make your CFO happy – transforming litigation from liability to asset | Harbour Litigation Funding

Legal Briefing

Picture the scene. Your trusted external law firm advised that you have a strong claim, likely to yield a significant financial upside for your business. The budget to run the claim is £2m, including adverse costs risk, but subject to possible change. The firm cannot agree to a fixed fee. They also advise that your …

Disrupting legal markets – can you get your lawyer to think again about fees? | Capital law

Legal Briefing

If you are a chief executive, finance director or general counsel, you might have some set ideas about how lawyers charge for their work. You might also think your business has a good claim, but are reluctant to pursue it. Whether it is a lack of resource – both human and financial – or a …

Taking advantage of group litigation offerings | Therium Capital Management

Legal Briefing

Corporate clients are of course no strangers to litigation. Listening to in-house counsel talk about how they approach litigation, they will often regard it as an inevitable, if undesirable, by-product of doing business. When it arises out of their core business activity, and particularly for large organisations – banks and insurance companies, for instance – …

New money laundering standards – what you need to know | Trowers & Hamlins

Legal Briefing

The government enacted the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 (the MLR 2017) on 26 June 2017. These are based on the same principles as the pre-existing rules, but contain significant changes which affect how regulated organisations must structure their anti-money laundering (AML) functions and carry out …

Firm Focus: AdamsonJones | AdamsonJones

Legal Briefing

AdamsonJones provides intellectual property (IP) services encompassing patent, design and trade mark protection and advice in the UK, Europe and throughout the world. The firm works with an expanding list of sophisticated and demanding clients, ranging from innovative start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations and internationally renowned universities. AdamsonJones also represents …

Word on the street: advertising, street art and intellectual property | Boodle Hatfield

Legal Briefing

Recently, McDonald’s and other brands have been accused of cultural appropriation, using without permission the work of street artists in advertising campaigns in Europe. These companies will spend many millions on protecting their own brands and for McDonald’s, with a strong tradition in supporting the arts, it should have known better.