Brexit v Dicey


With Brexit entrenching divisions, Britain’s patchwork constitution is being increasingly pitted against political upheaval. Do legal experts see crisis brewing?

Under pressure


With no end in sight to high-street closures and job losses, IHL talks to retail GCs about the fight to adapt

Reaping what you sow


We look at the challenges and opportunities present for entrepreneurs within India’s burgeoning start-up ecosystem

The clean-up crew


In-house litigation teams vary markedly in size even at the most regulated companies, but they have taken on more authority and are managing disputes closer to home

Dealing with no deal


With a no-deal Brexit on 31 October now a realistic prospect, we assess how the top UK law firms are preparing

Forum shopping? The case for litigating in Ireland

Legal Briefing

As business has become increasingly global, the selection of an appropriate choice of governing law and jurisdiction to determine disputes arising from commercial contracts is of growing importance. It is an issue which can, and often does, significantly affect the outcome of the legal process. Dillon Eustace’s head of litigation, Kieran Cowhey, and partner John …