Nikesh Tarachand Shah v. Union of India – Constitutionality of the pre-bail conditions provided in the Prevention of the Money Laundering Act, 2002 | Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co

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Introduction The question “Bail or Jail?” at the pre-trail stage, as famously pointed out by the famous Indian jurist, Hon’ble V R Krishna Iyer, shall always belong to the “blurred area of the criminal justice system”[1]. The Indian courts, in line with the Eight Amendment of the US Constitution, have acknowledged that ‘bail, not jail, …

Welcome to the hurricane

It has been a turbulent few years for many of those in the upper echelons of Brazilian politics and business. Around the world, headlines have been filled with sleazy tales of corruption, perhaps most notably the bribery and kickback scandal emanating from state-backed oil giant Petrobras, embroiling many high-profile individuals and entities across the region.

Trust me, I’m a lawyer…

Academic and Thinkers50 honouree Rachel Botsman is focused on trust. Of late, that focus has looked at how technology has shifted our understanding of trust and impacted on both our personal and professional lives.

Financing corporate legal costs: self-finance vs outside backing

In the course of Burford Capital’s nearly nine years in business and in talking to hundreds of lawyers about financing fees and disbursements associated with commercial litigation and arbitration, it has been our experience that quantifying and comparing the relative costs and benefits of financing models is the most effective way to talk to clients …

Ireland: recent developments in merger control and antitrust enforcement | Matheson

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Ireland is one of the best countries in the world for ease of doing business, according to Forbes. The Irish regulatory environment is business focused and pragmatic. Companies deal with smaller regulatory teams, giving them and their advisers greater access to senior personnel. Competition is no exception. Matheson is the law firm of choice for …

The upsurge of class action claims in Israel against multinational cartels | Goldfarb Seligman Law Offices

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In recent years we have been witnessing a trend of filing class action claims in Israel following on decisions by foreign antitrust authorities and courts declaring the existence of cartels outside of Israel. In most instances, the plaintiff (or its attorney specialising in filing class actions) will identify a decision whereby parties to a foreign …

The increasing enforcement of competition law: a sectoral snapshot | Brodies

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the UK competition regulator, has had a busy few years since being created in 2014. It has imposed record fines for competition law infringements across a wide range of sectors, and secured its first director disqualifications and criminal conviction.