Who is fuelling the counterfeiting fire? The search is on | Wiggin LLP

Legal Briefing

Wiggin’s Simon Baggs says online counterfeiting is an exploding global problem but Google is doing nothing about it. Finding counterfeit goods is simple – Google leads you straight to them. These goods are always inferior and sometimes extremely dangerous. Sellers range from small operators selling one or two items using online marketplaces, to larger operators using …

Heat, friction and violent collision – GCs face challenge and opportunity on data security | PwC Legal

Legal Briefing

PwC Legal’s Stewart Room warns that emerging regimes on data protection and cyber security will present new challenges for GCs. If you’re observing the developing legal environment for cyber security and data protection and just happen to have an interest in star-gazing, you might have an image of a planetary nebula in your mind’s eye, …

Profile: Tom Melbye Eide, Royal Dutch Shell

As BG Group general counsel, and now executive vice president and GC for Royal Dutch Shell’s upstream business, Tom Melbye Eide has an enviable addition to his CV, considering his lead role in BG’s £47bn acquisition by Shell, the world’s second-biggest energy deal on record, which completed last month.

GCs have scraped a seat at the table but too many are wasting the opportunity

Paul Gilbert argues too many corporate counsel fail to seize the risk agenda. Barclays, Volkswagen and Tesco are three massive businesses in three significant, sophisticated and important business sectors. Each one of these successful and long-lived businesses has access to significant in-house legal expertise, each is capable of paying for the best legal advice money …